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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi! This is Jacqueline Wang. A TV station media professional with more than 5 years of experience in the field. She has experience in event planning, editing, reporting and anchoring weekly news. She has also worked hostess, editor, poet and writer positions.

As well as being experienced in this field, I also possess excellent communicatin and presentation skills. Looking for a senior technical level position in the media industry!

I am happy to know you,
I am trying my best to serve every client.

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Web designers and developers

I have learned how to work with different web-enabled devices and also work with the various technologies available to effectively deliver content to such devices.I am good at UI/UX design.

Advanced Video and Motion Graphics

I focus on using more in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. This field will also need premiere application and some project management skills – as well as my design, storytelling, and compositing skills.


M tyypography skill helps me to create the individual characteristics of typefaces as they relate to Graphic Design and general web applications. I have learned how to apply typographic principles to design problems in general.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an introduction to visual design using tonal relationships and colour. It will include creative web typography, grid development, and content-lead design principals.I like design posters, logos and illustration.


My photography skill includes the mechanics and inner workings of a DSLR system, and how to operate a DSLR in full manual mode. I familiar with shutter speed, f-stop, iso, white balance and how these settings affect a photo.


I continue learning the fundamentals of 3D computer graphics with the use of Maya. With a focus on project organization, to the basics of polygon modeling and animation principals, and camera setup with in 3D space.

Last year:

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My Specialty

My Skills

I have learned lots of applications and good at creating different artworks.





After effect


Cinema 4D


SLR Camera


Maya–3D buildor










Davinci Resolve


Adobe XD



2018 Aug – 2020 May

Red River College, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology, China


Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology, China


Henan University, China


Shangjie District Middle School, China


Work Experience

Website Manager of 2016 Winter – 2017 Spring in Canada

  • Enhanced business communication and commercial cooperation with different advertisement clients by planning and conducting business activigties.
  • Edited advertisements for clients and show them on website; Expanded the company's visibility through various social media.
  • Updated company website content including news, up-to-date articles and services.

Magazine Reporter of The Manitoba Chinese Tribune 2015-2016 in Canada

  • Interviewed and reported on news and important events of the Chinese community.
  • Wrote stories that generate public interest; planned and designed project of magazine column.
  • Edited others' articles and published own poems. Also, performed the task of Photography.

Journalist, Director of Zhengzhou Education TV station 2002-2007 in China

  • Mainly resposible for interview, writingand post-production.
  • Kept great relationship with different education systems by producing 15 minutes education feature program weekly.
  • Hostess of musical show and dubbed for video production.
  • Proficient in conducting in-depth research by using a multitude of resources and formulating well-written scripts.
  • Studied video camera operation,. Used premiere software for video editing.

Award in Beijing 2017

Won the special prize of literary and artistic masterpiece of poem in China.

My Work

Recent artworks

Work 01

Digital Drawing

130 80

Work 02

Poster Design

140 50

Work 03

Photoshop artwork

150 70

Work 04

Digital Drawing

110 30

Work 06

Illustrator banner

100 49


Recent photography

September, 2019 | portrait | 4

Beautiful Girl

Young girl always give you a beautiful feeling.

Octorber, 2019 | Photography composition | 4

Moon glass

Place two photos together to create a new piece of beautiful scene.

November 201 | Photography | 4

Maiden in the dust

Taken picture under the nature light, still can composite a nice photo.