Work Experience

Website Manager of www.wincbc.com 2016 Winter – 2017 Spring in Canada

  • Enhanced business communication and commercial cooperation with different advertisement clients by planning and conducting business activigties.
  • Edited advertisements for clients and show them on website; Expanded the company's visibility through various social media.
  • Updated company website content including news, up-to-date articles and services.

Magazine Reporter of The Manitoba Chinese Tribune 2015-2016 in Canada

  • Interviewed and reported on news and important events of the Chinese community.
  • Wrote stories that generate public interest; planned and designed project of magazine column.
  • Edited others' articles and published own poems. Also, performed the task of Photography.

Journalist, Director of Zhengzhou Education TV station 2002-2007 in China

  • Mainly resposible for interview, writingand post-production.
  • Kept great relationship with different education systems by producing 15 minutes education feature program weekly.
  • Hostess of musical show and dubbed for video production.
  • Proficient in conducting in-depth research by using a multitude of resources and formulating well-written scripts.
  • Studied video camera operation,. Used premiere software for video editing.

Award in Beijing 2017

Won the special prize of literary and artistic masterpiece of poem in China.